As a professional, Mr. Drane has provided design and evaluation services for municipal and commercial clients in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  These services have included drainage, water, and wastewater analysis and design, site master planning, construction design and layout, site design, and site planning.  When providing these services, he has coordinated and maintained relationships with both public and private clients where his goal was projects constructed within budget, accurately, and on time.

Mr. Drane’s duties consist of engineering design, construction plan development, and specifications/contract document preparation.  Projects he has been responsible for have incorporated roadway/sidewalk design and improvements, drainage design and improvements, and design of sewer/water collection, distribution, and treatment systems.  As a part of the engineering responsibilities for these projects, Mr. Drane has prepared permitting application packages for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, LA and MS Depts. of Natural Resources, LA and MS Depts. of Health and LA and MS Depts. of Environmental Quality.  Mr. Drane’s project management responsibilities include construction engineering/administration for projects including supervising bid advertising/opening/awarding, conducting pre-construction/progress meetings, processing pay requests/change orders, construction inspection and/or supervising inspection personnel, and project close-out duties/as-builts.  For existing projects, Mr. Drane has provided assessment of roadway, drainage, and utility infrastructure to assist in the planning of potential improvements.