Mr. Wilson has over 20 years of experience providing civil engineering and hydraulic design services for a wide spectrum of projects including roadway, drainage and utility improvements, hydraulic studies, light rail design, and structural design of concrete structures. 

Prior to becoming a Civil Engineer, Mr. Wilson was employed as a commercial diver with extensive experience offshore construction, bridge inspection and dam construction. This job required an extensive knowledge in the use of hydraulic tools, jetting equipment, welding and burning gear, video equipment, and rigging large and small loads for lifting and placing in desired positions. The scope of the work included installation, repair and abandonment of pipelines  and platforms associated with the production of oil and gas, dam repairs, bridge inspections, and salvage of small vessels and equipment.

Mr. Wilson served in the United State Navy from 1975 to 1979. He achieved the rank of Quartermaster 2nd class aboard the USS Roanoke. Duties included leading petty officer of navigation division, maintenance of charts and publications, determining position of ship while standing underway watches, and plotting courses to desired destinations.