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To ensure the client is provided the highest quality construction administration and inspection product, an internal Quality Control System, is in place and used on all work produced by the firm.

Successful implementation is based on project management. The QCS involves the team concept where one registered professional is placed as lead construction manager. This professional oversees the resident inspectors on-site, daily logs and reports, and monitors the project schedule. Periodically, another team member reviews the project progression and inspection reports, which offer a fresh look into the project status, which quickly identifies shortcomings in the construction process. It also utilizes the diverse experience of the entire staff. The principal in charge manages teams and all projects are reviewed on a weekly basis. Lines of communications are open in all directions. To assist in quality control, the latest in computer technology is employed.

It is imperative that the manpower and skills are available to immediately begin work on this project and successfully complete it on schedule and on budget. The firm has the manpower and capacity available to immediately begin work on any project. As these types of projects requires daily management and quick response, Kyle Associates has the necessary capacity to undertake the work and complete it within the strict parameters established by our clients.

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