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The firm's engineers, architects, draftsman, and construction specialists combine their academic discipline with work experience in the Southeast Louisiana design environment to provide sound solutions befitting the conditions indigenous to the area.

Kyle Associates was created in 1998 as a multi-discipline engineering firm to serve municipal clients in the southeast Louisiana region, with a focus on the civil and structural aspects of public and private infrastructure. With its home office in Mandeville, Louisiana, the firm has provided over $35 million worth of professional services to public and private clients in its 16 years of operation. Concentrating on roadway, drainage, and public utilities for the first five years, the firm expanded the engineering operation to include structural engineering to address existing client’s needs. This move expanded work to include large civil infrastructure, vertical structures, pre-fabricated metal buildings, and large scale environmental systems.


" We chose Kyle Associates because they're hand-on kind of people, provide quick turnarounds and are responsive to our needs. "- CRAIG BOUNDS | SSM GROUP (PRIVATE CLIENT)

In 2005, hurricane Katrina forced a shift in the services provided, and Kyle Associates became a lead program/project manager in the cleaning and rebuilding of southeast Louisiana.  Debris management, water and sewer plant restart and expansion, and emergency operations became the primary effort in the 12 months after the Katrina.  The firm expanded to 165 employees to serve St. Tammany and other parish’s recovery needs until communities were reestablished and operational.  Since that time, Kyle Associates had expanded its services in the private/commercial sector while maintaining two thirds of its work in the public sector.

Today, Kyle Associates employs 17 full time residents in its Mandeville office.  The firm’s strength includes structural engineering, civil infrastructure engineering, environmental engineering, and development planning with a project cross section that consists of recreational facilities, schools, churches, water and sewer systems, roadway and drainage systems, commercial site developments, industrial production facilities and residential projects.  Kyle Associates’ success has been founded on experienced professionals paired with the latest in engineering technology - all with the overriding goal to provide its clients with the highest quality consulting services in a timely manner.  

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